Joe Biden declares the Pandemic Is over. Media says it's not

Big Pharma stocks also fall

In a 60 minutes interview, Joe Biden said many things, one of the most exciting things he said was that the pandemic is OVER. As much good news as it is for everyone from public schools to business owners, it seems that the media doesn’t want to let go of Covid-19, as stated here. Now that article does express itself as an opinion, but that isn’t the only one. The Hill seems to want to paint the picture that Biden saying the pandemic is over is a bad call.

We should ask ourselves why the media would want to keep the pandemic in public policy. I believe Big Pharma stocks falling indicates why the Mainstream Media wants to keep pumping Covid-19 stories. Now I can’t know if the Media has a direct monetary incentive with Medical stocks. However, if the Mainstream Media can keep posting about Covid-19 news, then they have people who always will want to know more about the information during the pandemic. The pandemic being “Over” makes the mainstream media even more obsolete. But that’s just my opinion.

In the end, any ongoing lawsuits concerning Covid-19 and the emergency policies used during this time will hopefully be easily won and the policies overturned. If the government or businesses plan to keep these policies and powers they have acquired, we will have some exciting developments in the future.



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Dante R.A.

Dante R.A.


Some say culture is downstream from politics. Well, I'm going to write about both. From World Politics to video games and other nerd culture, all are here.